As part of their efforts to accelerate access to improved water and sanitation, every two years Bappenas sponsors a National Water and Sanitation Conference known as KSAN. The most recent event was held on 11 November in Jakarta, with a theme of “Knowledge Day.” The conference was attended by the Minister of Bappenas; senior officials from the Ministry of Public Works and Housing and the Ministry of Health; heads of Local Governments (LGs); donors; and other water and sanitation stakeholders. IndII’s Water Hibah program, which offers output based grants to LGs that invest their own funds in expanding water connections, was a key element of the activities. Seno Samodro, Head of Boyolali LG (2010 – mid 2015), made a featured presentation on his locality’s experience joining the Water Hibah. As he described, it was initially difficult to obtain support from Boyolali’s Local Council, because the output-based mechanism was unfamiliar. But the program proved so successful that the Council eventually asked if the program could be expanded. Jim Coucouvinis, IndII Technical Director Water and Sanitation, joined Seno Samodro on stage to share evidence on how the Water Hibah supports the Government of Indonesia’s goals of providing universal access to improved water and sanitation, at the same time it enhances the capacity of LGs to provide water and sanitation services.

Around 140 people, mostly representatives from Local Governments (LGs) that are participating in the Australia-Indonesia Infrastructure Grants for Sanitation program (sAIIG), attended a dialogue session in Sanur, Bali on 9 October that served as a formal closing of IndII’s Sanitation Public Diplomacy initiative. The event was opened by the Director General of Human Settlements, Dr. Ir. Andreas Suhono, M.Sc; and Minister Counsellor Bradley Armstrong, Head of Political and Economic Branch, Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. Following the presentation of a commemorative book to the Director General by the Minister Counsellor, the Secretary General of the Directorate General of Human Settlements, Ir. Rina Agustin MURP, served as moderator for a dialogue about the implementation of the sAIIG program. The main speakers were the mayors of Tebing Tinggi and Balikpapan; the head of Bappeda Yogyakarta; and the LG Secretaries from Sukoharjo and Maros. The event was an opportunity for LG Heads and senior officials to discuss how sAIIG fits into efforts to provide quality infrastructure for communities. A video on sAIIG was played after the discussion. Awards were also presented to winners of the writing contests for journalists and students that were held as part of the Sanitation Public Diplomacy program. That evening, as part of the opening of World Habitat Day 2015, junior high school students from Denpasar performed a series of songs and dances about sanitation awareness. The songs had been created by IndII’s consultants as part of the Sanitation Public Diplomacy activities that were held in nine cities. At the end of the performance, LG representatives joined the students to sing a sanitation jingle.

A workshop on the specifications for non-BRT buses was held in the Millennium Hotel in Jakarta on 29 July 2015. The event, which was jointly held by the Jakarta Transport Agency and IndII, was attended by more than 90 people. Participants came from various departments of the Ministry of Transport and the Ministry of Industry; Government of Jakarta agencies; and transport agencies from Bogor, Tangerang, Bekasi, and Banten. They also represented universities, vehicle associations, the Indonesian Traffic Police, the Jakarta Transport Board Association, and private sector interests such as bus manufacturers. As the host of the event, the Head of Transport Agency of Jakarta Province Local Government, Drs. Andri Yansyah, MH., declared that his agency welcomes inputs from the participants, which he ensured will play an important role in providing better transport to the people of Jakarta. Emanuel Kristanto from the Jakarta Transport Agency, Heri Wibowo from the Ministry of Transport, Gary Corrie and Rudy Setiaji  from IndII, were the speakers for the workshop. Participants asked a variety of questions which led to beneficial discussions. 


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