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Indonesian Delegates Visit VicRoads

As part of the Integrated Urban Road Safety Project (IURSP) activities, IndII organised a comparative study visit to VicRoads in Melbourne, Australia from 20–24 April 2015. IURSP supports four selected cities in Indonesia to identify, develop, design and implement road safety projects in Indonesia. 

To accelerate the sewerage program development in Indonesia, the Australia-Indonesia Infrastructure Grant for sanitation (sAIIG) program is currently supporting 42 Local Governments. The program planned to develop more than 60,000 sewerage connections throughout the country. To support the program a capacity building workshop has been held in Jakarta from 24 to 26 March 2015 to enhance the knowledge and skills of Local Government officials in implementing their sewerage management. The participants are officials from 21 LGs  related to sAIIG programs from western side of Indonesia.

More than 30 hundred students, Senior Officials from Local Government Banjarmasin, and beneficiaries of sAIIG and Sanitation Hibah Program attended the School Sanitation Public Diplomacy Event at the Hasanudin Sport Center, Banjarmasin. The event was opened by the Mayor of Banjar Masin, H. Muhidin.


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