Heads of Local Governments and Key Stakeholders Discussing Future Sanitation Programs
29 Nov 2016

On 29 November 2016, IndII and the Ministry of National Development Planning (Bappenas) launched a High Level Dialogue on the Future of Sanitation Program in Indonesia. The target was  local governments (LGs)  involved  with the  Australia-Indonesia Infrastructure Grants for Sanitation (sAIIG) . The Dialogue aimed  to support  these LGs in meeting  the objective of universal access to sanitation.  As host of the event, the Deputy of Regional Development Bappenas, Arifin Rudiyanto, offered the hope that  LGs  could strengthen  their commitment and strategy for improved sanitation, proactively look for alternative funding, and placing sanitation targets into their plans. “We expect to reach the universal access target, so it would be good to have  the sAIIG program extended,” noted Sri Purnomo, the Regent of Sleman. The event was also attended by Director of Integration of Settlement Infrastructure, Dwityo Akoro, and the Minister Counsellor for Economic, Infrastructure and Governance Cooperation, DFAT,  Steven Barraclough.