Our Focus

The strategic focus of the Indonesia Infrastructure Initiative has two components :

Water and Sanitation
Transport (principally by road, rail, and sea)

In designing and undertaking its various activities, IndII seeks to strike a balance between achieving long-term strategic change and shorter-term visible and easily implementable gains. For instance, IndII often uses small pilot projects to test suitability and success of a particular initiative before embarking upon wider national roll-out.

IndII also seeks to distribute its efforts appropriately between national and sub-national levels of government in support of the de-centralisation policy, essential if Indonesia’s infrastructure is to be managed effectively.

IndII’s efforts are unified by a standardised approach to the evaluation and selection of potential activities. Every activity that IndII undertakes is first reviewed to ensure that it meets one or more of the following criteria:

  • Does the activity enable more efficient and effective infrastructure investment through better identification, co-ordination, planning, design, implementation and maintenance of projects; and will these have the potential to make a meaningful contribution to local or national economic growth?
  • Will the activity result in more efficient and effective infrastructure investment by reducing policy, regulation and financial uncertainty?
  • Will the activity bring positive social impacts?

Through its work, IndII hopes to help Indonesia achieve increased private financing, better planned and more effective development, and increased opportunities for the country's citizens to access the benefits of development. In this way, IndII is contributing to the larger vision of the Australia Indonesia Partnership, through which Australia and Indonesia are working together to reduce poverty and promote regional peace, stability and prosperity.