27 Apr 2017
The Human Face of Infrastructure Development - IndII Closing Event
31 Jan 2017
Meeting Drinking Water Provision Target through Business Plan
15 Dec 2016
Heads of Local Governments and Key Stakeholders Discussing Future Sanitation Programs
18 Oct 2016
Review of Gender Integration – Eight Years of IndII
15 Sep 2016
Trisakti University Seminar - Building a New Structure and Culture of Public Transport
30 Aug 2016
Serang Local Government Encouraged to Successfully Implement the Australia-Indonesia Sanitation Infrastructure Program
11 Aug 2016
Gender Integration Guide in Institution Based Water Treatment Programs – Review and Sharing Workshop
22 Jul 2016
Kick-off Meeting for Transjakarta’s Bus Revitalisation Project
17 Jun 2016
Women and Men in Banjarmasin Working Together to Enhance Sanitation Awareness
15 Jun 2016
Market Awareness Event for the Proposed Pilot Availability Payment Scheme: Salatiga – Solo Road Project, Central Java
31 May 2016
Supporting Quality Sanitation Infrastructure in Indonesia - handover of City Sewerage Detailed Engineering Documents
04 May 2016
Gender and Disability Workshops for the Provincial Road Improvement and Maintenance Program Stakeholders
03 May 2016
Stakeholders Provide Input during Road Traffic and Transportation Forum Meeting
30 Mar 2016
Sanitation Hibah Award Bandung
01 Mar 2016
Infrastructure Experts Meet to Discuss Key Outputs from the AIIRA Program