IndII is currently in its second program phase, which will finish end-January 2017. The first phase of IndII was completed in June 2011 with a full wrap-up of the program at the Phase I Concluding Event. Click here to view a summary table of IndII phase 1 activities, and here for a summary table of planned activites in phase II.

Australia Indonesia Infrastructure Research Awards (AIIRA)

photo of sAIIIG program in Gresik (AIIRA)The Australia-Indonesia Infrastructure Research Awards (AIIRA) program has funded research partnerships, between Indonesian and international institutions for research in the transport and water and sanitation sectors. The aim of the program was to enhance the skills and roles of academic and civil society organisations in Indonesia’s infrastructure policy and planning processes. All research required “buy-in” from a GoI agency (or group of agencies) at either the national or sub-national level - to maximise the potential of sustainable outcomes and benefits. In July 2016 eight of the AIIRA Water and Sanitation partnerships presented their research results to an international Watsan audience in Jakarta and outlined plans for future research collaborations in the sector.