IndII is currently in its second program phase, which will finish end-January 2017. The first phase of IndII was completed in June 2011 with a full wrap-up of the program at the Phase I Concluding Event. Click here to view a summary table of IndII phase 1 activities, and here for a summary table of planned activites in phase II.

Sewerage Project Preparation

Palembang City Sewerage (Sewerage Project Preparation)IndII’s water and sanitation program is undertaking the following activities in the area of supporting sewerage project preparation:

City Sewerage Program

To date, sewerage coverage in Indonesia is minimal - barely one percent of the population has access to municipal waste management systems. To assist in addressing this the Government of Australia, through IndII, will provide A$45 million to build municipal sewerage systems in Palembang, in partnership with GoI, who will provide A$32.8 million, and local government (provincial and city government) who will provide A$31.05 million budget. The program is expected to demonstrate a new and improved way of delivering sustainable infrastructure in Indonesia. Under this scheme, city sewerage Master Plans, Detailed Engineering Designs and environmental impact assessments were prepared for Palembang, Makassar, and Cimahi; full implementation, however, will only be in Palembang. A design consultant was contracted and a working group (comprised of representatives from relevant GoI ministries, Government of Palembang, ADB, IndII and DFAT) was established to provide input into the design process, land acquisition and resettlement plan (LARP), as well as a Working in Partners Systems (WIPS) assessment on Palembang's procurement and public financial management systems. A construction management consultant has been contracted to provide project management support to the Palembang city sewerage project which will result in approximately 12,000 connections to the sewerage system. The construction management consultant will also support the project management units of DGHS (Directorate General of Human Settlements), local water companies or PDAMs and local government to implement the project.

Solid Waste Management Program

To develop viable, functioning, long-lived, and locally manageable solid waste facilities, IndII is sponsoring the Solid Waste Management (SWM) facility Detailed Engineering Designs (DEDs) in support of the GoI’s earlier request for a USD $100 million loan from the World Bank to finance its Solid Waste Management Improvement Project for Regional & Metropolitan Cities, with the objective of improving SWM in participating municipalities through selective interventions in waste minimisation, collection, transfer, separation, treatment and disposal. The DEDs were prepared in consultation with the concerned municipalities and the national Ministry of Public Works and Housing (MPWH), specifically the Directorate of Environmental Sanitation (PPLP).