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Increasing local government responsibility for communal scale sanitation Part 2: Using Regional Budget (APBD) to support post-construction sustainability of communal sanitation

The research focused on the national and local levels. At the national level, a review was undertaken of the program guidelines for SANIMAS (communal scale sanitation) including engagement with the Ministry of Public Works. Guidance was also developed to clarify how regional budgets may be used to financially support communal scale systems involving engagement with the Ministry of Home Affairs, the Development Finance Controller (BPKP) and other national stakeholders (documented in Part 2 of the report). At the local level two case study cities (Kota Bogor and Kabupaten Bantaeng) which are progressive in their support to communal scale sanitation were examined. This involved participatory workshops with government and community (45 participants in total) and follow-up interviews.

The project was undertaken from August to December 2016 as a collaboration between ISF-UTS, the Centre for Regulation, Policy and Governance, Universitas Ibn Khaldun Bogor (CRPG) and Asosiasi KSM Sanitasi Seluruh Indonesia (AKSANSI), with Bappenas as the Government of Indonesia partner.