Supporting Universal Access For Water and Sanitation Services

As stated in the RPJMN 2014-2019, all of the people of Indonesia should have access to safe water and sanitation services by the year 2019 (Universal Access).

Improving Transport Connectivity Across Indonesia

Australia, through the Indonesian Infrastructure Initiative (IndII) has supported various programs to improve connectivity and decrease logistics costs to ensure sustainable regional economic growth.

About PRIM

The PRIM Program focuses on improving the way provincial governments manage and maintain their road networks on a sustainable basis through a carrot-and-stick approach by using grants as incentives payable on good performance and governance.

It introduces an innovative performance based approach to local road maintenance demonstrated through a pilot project in Nusa Tenggara Barat (NTB).

Water Hibah Mechanism

The Water Hibah Program under the Australia-Indonesia Partnership has implemented water connections to 400,000 low income households which is one fifth of all connections made by water utilities since 2008. The program has been so successful that the Government of Indonesia has made the hibah approach a standard government policy.



Integrating Gender In Indii Activities
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