Bus Improvement Project Phase 2 - Baseline Study Draft Report

Regarding the monitoring and evaluation in Bus Improvement Project, the Project Implementation Team (PIT) has to capture the preliminary condition on selected cities through a baseline study. To undertake this study, PIT has to capture the existing condition and gathering the preference of the community as the target user of Bus Rapid Transit before the intervention. This study will cover technical, social, gender, disability, and environmental issues.

Bus Improvement Project (BIP) Phase II Stage 2 Extension: Construction, Monitoring and Verification

The activities in Stage 2 extension are a continuation of activities in Stage 2. Up to the end of Stage 2 on 31 December, 2011 the PPH (Perjanjian Penerusan Hibah) had not been issued by the Minister of Finance, therefore the working group (POKJA) was not yet established and the final verification could not be carried out. Also, construction works in Palembang had not been completed until the end of Stage 2.

Bus Improvement Project Phase 2 - Bus Shelter Specification

The objective of this specification is to provide local government with functionally and technically sound reference and guidelines to design, build, and operate supporting infrastructure for Bus Rapit Transit system.