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Cikampek - Palimanan Toll Road Commences Soon

Land acquisition process is targeted for completion by the year’s end

By Mia Chitra Dinisari

JAKARTA - PT Lintas Marga Sedaya is targeting the construction of Cikampek - Palimanan toll road to begin in early July. The construction work will be carried out after Lintas Marga Sedaya (LMS) has secured funding worth Rp 8.8 trillion from bank syndication comprising national and foreign banks at the end of May 2012.

LMS Project Director, Steve Ginting, said that the construction activities will be carried out by PT Karabha Griya Mandiri in collaboration with PT Nusa Raya Cipta. “We hope the construction process can be implemented after completion of the land acquisition, so that the construction activities will not be hampered half-way," said Steve, Tuesday (26 June).

The company has begun the initial process of the construction activity package, namely the cut and field activity in the first construction package for 6km. In addition, the company has also started the early phase of the project office construction.

Steve said that in addition to the first package construction, the company is also preparing the land and measuring the location that the 116km-long toll road project will traverse.

The loan agreement will be signed with the banks on 15 July 2012. “Currently, we have entered the finalisation stage of the credit agreement document. Its signing is expected to take place in mid-July,” he added.

Accelerate Acquisition
Contacted separately, Head of Land Acquisition Sub-Directorate of Directorate General of Highways of the Ministry of Public Works, Herry Marzuki, said that the land acquisition process for the segment is targeted for completion this year.

Cikampek - Palimanan toll road segment is one of 24 segments whose construction has been prioritised by the government. Herry said that the land procurement committee team is seeking to negotiate with landowners in order to speed up the process of land acquisition. “We have already procured 94.49 percent of the land area. The rest is expected to be completed by the end of this year. I think there are no obstacles standing in the way,” he said.

Herry said that the total land requirement covers 887ha. The land parcels that have yet to be acquired are located in Cirebon Regency, West Java.

Earlier, Public Works Minister, Djoko Kirmanto, appealed to [toll road] concession holders to immediately implement construction processes even though the land acquisition has not been 100 percent completed.

This is to aim at the operational target of the projects by 2014. “The target is to complete [the projects] in 2014. However, I do not dare to ascertain. Therefore, I hope the investors do not think much about the necessity for full completion of the land acquisition processes. Just do it,” he said.

Cikampek - Palimanan toll road segment will be built along a 116.75km distance with an investment requirement amounting to Rp 12.56 trillion. LMS, the concession holder of the Cikampek - Palimanan segment, is 55 percent owned by Plus Expressways Berhad, with the remaining 45 percent owned by PT Baskhara Utama Sedaya.

Its Toll Road Concession Agreement (PPJT) was signed on 21 July 2006, and it was amended on 27 October 2011. (

Cikampek - Palimanan Toll Road Project
Length : 116 km
Project Value : Rp 12.56 trillion
Land Requirement : 933.5 hectare
Investor : PT Lintas Marga Sedaya
Number of Bridges : Seven Bridges over 100m length
Source: PT Lintas Marga Sedaya