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Mamminasata Railway Realised in 2015

MAKASSAR - The construction of inter-city railway in the areas of Makassar, Maros, Sungguminasa, and Takalar (Mamminasata) has become increasingly urgent. Mamminasata Railway Task Force of the Directorate General of Railways of the Ministry of Transporation, Jumardi, said that the construction of inter-city railway is to reduce congestion, air pollution, and to save subsidised fuel, as well as potentially reduce land conversion. “The railway mode ought to become the backbone of (close range) urban transportation and long range goods transportation,” he said when contacted yesterday.  

Within the document of National Railway Master Plan, which has been prepared by the Ministry of Transportation, it is explained that Mamminasata urban railway is planned to be realised in 2015. “Because this is not easy, Directorate General of Railways is currently undertaking preparations through a study of Mamminasata Urban railway Master Plan preparation, which is conducted by a team of consultants,” he said. According to Jumardi, the Master Plan is intended to identify railway route plans that are potential for construction by considering regional aspects, such as RTRW (regional spatial arrangement plan) of South Sulawesi, and economic aspect. “Therefore, centres of economic activities such as airports, seaports, and business centres as well as residential centres can be accessed through the railway mode,” he said.

A similar matter was spoken by Head of Department of Transportation, Communication, and Informatics of South Sulawesi, Masykur A. Sulthan, that although it will consume a large amount of funds, railway construction in South Sulawesi has become urgent due to the high rate of passenger growth. Additionally, a railway route through the old city and shopping centres will become an attraction of its own for the tourists. “Just look, congestion is everywhere, and the presence of a transportation model that is speedy, comfortable, safe, cheap, modern, and of high-capacity is needed,” he said. According to Jumardi, the construction plan of Mamminasata urban railway has several stages, among them are Master Plan, feasibility study, pre-design, engineering design details, analysis on environmental impact (amdal), land acquisition, and construction. SYAMSULMARLIN