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Eleven Toll Road Projects to Follow Law on Land

Bisnis Indonesia, 12 December, 2012, Page 6, Section: Infrastruktur 
By Mia Chitra D.

JAKARTA - The Ministry of Public Works (MPW) has prepared a transitional plan for implementation of Law no. 2/2012 on Land Procurement for Development in Public Interest. The plan will be applied to 11 toll road projects that are parts of the 24 toll road projects, following the slow progress of land acquisition for the 11 projects. 

The 11 toll road segments are Pejagan - Pemalang, Pemalang - Batang, Batang - Semarang, Cibitung - Cilincing, Becakayu, Cisumdawu, Ciawi - Sukabumi, Pasuruan - Probolinggo, Pekanbaru - Dumai, Cimanggis - Cibitung, and Bandung Intra Urban Toll Road (BIUTR).

Head of the Sub-Directorate of Land Acquisition of the Directorate General of Highways (DGH) of the MPW, Herry Marzuki, said that preparations, which involve public consultations, will begin next year so that in early 2015 they will have determined the locations of lands that need to be acquired.  

“The transition period will be implemented in late December 2012, if the toll road segments that are already ongoing do not show signs of completion. We have already identified 11 toll road segments which will not be complete until 2014. Therefore, we have begun preparing transition plans for them for next year”, he said in Jakarta on Tuesday (11 December).

According to him, the land acquisition process (under Law no. 2/2012) will begin during the preparation period; in general, partial land acquisition activities in those segments have already taken place. The goal of the early preparation is to meet the land procurement completion target stipulated in the Law on Land, which is two years from the beginning of the project.

According to Herry, out of the 11 segments, transition to the implementation of the Law in the Pasuruan-Probolinggo toll road segment may take place earlier, before the end of 2014. This is because the toll road segment does not yet have a Project Construction Site Determination Letter (SP2LP). Thus, the new Law on Land Procurement should be applicable under the article that mentions applicability of the Law to toll road projects that have yet to be included in planning, even if the toll road segment already has a concession holder.

He further explained that, after the identification and preparation period for the transition of land acquisition regulation, land acquisition activities will be handed over to the National Land Agency, which has been appointed by the Law as the implementer. Meanwhile, the MPW will support the activities.

Comprehensive Application
Contacted in a separate opportunity, Chairman of Indonesian Toll Road Association (ATI), Fatchurrahman, affirmed that it is impossible for the land acquisition processes in the 24 toll road segments to be completed by the end of 2014, considering the current realisation in the field. Therefore, he stated that the Government should make exception and allow the Law on Land Procurement to be implemented on the 24 toll road projects, without having to wait until the end of 2014. “This is because the lands that urgently need acquiring are, in fact, located in the toll road segments that have been grounded for a long time”, Fatchur said.

He said that, if that is not doable, he hopes the Law transition process will not be made difficult, and the Government will be willing to provide support in the event there are land price inflations due to delayed land acquisition processes during the project implementation.

Based on the data from DGH, to date the realisation status of land acquisition processes for the 11 toll road segments is still low. In detail, the Pejagan - Pemalang Section I has achieved 87 percent acquisition, while Section II is at 99 percent, and Section III is still at 0 percent. The Batang - Semarang Section I is at 49 percent, while Sections 2–5 are still at 0 percent. The Pemalang - Batang Section I is at 3 percent, and Section II is at 0 percent. The Cibitung - Cilincing segment is at 5 percent; Becakayu Section I is at 2 percent, and Section II is at 0 percent; Cisumdawu Section I is at 34 percent, and Section II is at 47 percent.

Meanwhile, the Ciawi - Sukabumi Section I is at 43 percent, while Sections II and III are at 0 percent. And finally, the Pekanbaru - Dumai toll road is still at 0 percent. (

 Profiles of 11 Toll Road Projects

Toll Road Segment
Length (Km)
Land Area (Ha)
Cimanggis - Cibitung  
Cibitung - Cilincing  
Ciawi - Sukabumi  
Bandung Intra Urban Toll Road
Pejagan - Pemalang 
Batang - Semarang 
Pemalang - Batang  
Pasuruan - Probolinggo 
Pekanbaru - Dumai 

Source: MPW, processed